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      Welcome to Photo Pursuit: A Leading Community of Top rated                       Photographers.


Is your Photography level stagnating? Don’t you wish you had that extra technique and creativity to bring your Photography to the next level?

You know, having the ability to consistently take beautiful, crisp, creative, one of a kind “wow” shots that you see in magazines or photography galleries?

Wouldn’t it be great to understand the unique and secret techniques that today’s top Photographers use to create award winning Photos?


How about Meeting with these same top photographers? Being Taught by them? Socializing with them? Going on exciting Photo Trips and Workshops with them? Participating and competing with them on exciting Monthly Contests and Photography Projects?
All this in Your Area. Near You.
    Introducing Photo Pursuit, A Leading Community of Top Rated     

             A Leader for Photography Events.     

             A Leader for Photography Workshops and Outdoor Photography Events:
                 all over the USA and Internationally.

             A Leading Community of Top rated American and International   

             A Leading Network linking Photographers to Photography Galleries

             A Leading Provider of Photography Prizes for Photo Contests and   

But…Only If You Qualify.



Photo Pursuit is a very exclusive community and can only be joined by invitation or application. Candidates must complete an application and are carefully selected (or not) by existing members on the basis of their photography.

Please select a few of your best photographs and take 5 minutes to complete the application below.


While we cannot guarantee that you will be selected by members, we will offer you 6 FREE Gifts at the end of your application: 5 FREE Online Photography Courses and 1 FREE detailed Professional Review on a photograph of your choice (choose a photo, upload it and get reviewed by a top professional for FREE). Whatever happens with your application to join Photo Pursuit, we just want you to enjoy these gifts and take your photography to the next level. Perhaps our paths will cross again some day.


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   Candidates Selected on the Basis of their Photography



“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” – Ansel Adams (Photography Master)



What is going on through the brain of
Top Photographers when they visualize the Photo they are about to make? Ever wonder? You should.




Better yet: you should Ask these Top Photographers.

 l Each week, Dozens of Photo Pursuit Events Take Place Near Your Home: Outdoor group shooting trips, studio workshops, photography gallery visits, Portrait shots…

  This is what Photo Pursuit does for You…


Saturday morning. 11:30am. You just logged onto your Photo Pursuit Account. 21 photography events are taking place within a 25 minutes drive from Mamaroneck, NYC, your home.

You zero in on the event “Wild Birds in Motion”. The 31 photographers taking part to that event have great biographies and experience.

And anyway, you never figured out how to properly deal with motion with your Nikon D700. You take this opportunity to learn.

2:30pm. What a nice group! You feel great asking questions and your new experienced friends show you how it’s done: setting up the tripod, getting the correct settings for your new Nikon D700…

As you watch experienced photographers in action, you finally understand the magic of photography. The set up. Composition. The artist’s View Point.
Westchester Long Tailed duck

…and Your Photo of a wild long tailed duck flying by gets thumbs up from your new friends:


7:30pm. You upload your Photo on Photo Pursuit. 5 Minutes later, you receive fantastic reviews from the experienced online community and a few suggestions for further improvements. Even the editor writes you a comprehensive analysis on what to watch out for. What a productive day you just had!
            Get FREE UNLIMITED Access to:

Photography Events near You in the USA and abroad.

            Access to all International workshops in 154 countries.

25 Photography Workshops per city per month on average.

32 Group Shooting Events per city per month on average.

38 Photography Social Events per city per month on average.

Is this not better that sitting alone in the dark reading photography
 books and watching “how to” videos on your laptop?


 What are Photo Pursuit Members Saying?                   



“(…) Everything in my photography improved. When I attend the photo pursuit events, I ask LOTS of questions and everyone is always very kind with me. They show me the correct settings for my Canon EOS 50D and give me lots of tips on framing and “seeing the shot”. The events (I attended 8 in the last 3 months!) are lots of fun and it is great to meet so many local talented photographers.” -

-Melissa J.


“Hey guys: Keep up the good work! (…) Yesterday I went to a Black & White workshop organized by one of the members (…) a real artist. His Photography is art. I learned more with him in 3 hours than in the 6 books I studies on the topic of B&W photography! He changed my vision of things.”-

- Michael R.

“Photography makes you see the world rather than just look at it” – Unknown    

    Photo Pursuit is a Leading Organizer    
        of Photo Contests and Competitions.

     2 contests are announced at the  
         start of Every Month.

     Entries are analyzed, ranked and   
         commented before the 20th of the 
         month. there are prizes to be won         

    To win the prizes, you must be   
&         different, original and imaginative.

  This is what Photo Pursuit does for You…


October 3rd, 7pm. As every 3rd of the month, you are notified about the new Photo Pursuit contest of the month. For October, the theme is “Modern Ruins”. You have until October 20th to submit your photo.

You visualize your Photo. You want to portray the ravages of time. The fragility of human construction. Some contrast with nature would also be nice.

And then it comes to your mind: Grossinger’s Resort, NY Catskill Mountains. You discovered this modern ruin a few months ago - and it surprised you.


Saturday October 6th, 2pm. You set up your tripod. You adjust the settings to what your Private Tutor on Photo Pursuit had advised for your Nikon D700 and landscape photography: White Balance set to “shade” to make the image warmer. Contrast: Vivid. Saturation: +3. Sharpening: +5. You shoot:
Grossinger’s Resort, NY Catskill Mountains


Saturday October 6th, 7pm. Back home. After a few adjustments on Photoshop, you submit your picture on Photo Pursuit for the October contest on “Modern ruins” You cross fingers. Your submission to the September contest on “Capitalism” ranked 5th and received 25 comments. You were very close to winning the prize and contest. .


Thursday October 11th, 4pm. You are ranked #2! This means that your Photo will automatically be submitted to the 150 Photography galleries in the USA and abroad that compose the Photo Pursuit network – of course, under your full copyrights, should they decide to feature you as a resident artist/photographer.

You also received 12 very interesting constructive criticisms and the editor wrote this review on your photo:





          There is a nice use of leading lines and patterns to lead your eye  
        through the image.

           I would have knelt down to take the photo and raised the horizon line   
         to the upper third of the image.

            Use a slower shutter speed, such as 1/2 - 1 second, to make the clouds 
          more blurry and look more silky smooth.

           The smooth clouds will contrast better with the rough foreground and
         textures in the image.

           Lower the saturation so the blue hues do not stand out so much. Keep
         the colors muted.

           Good use of perspective with the trees.

           Having so much negative and positive space shows the depth of the
          image and makes the viewer more involved with the image.

           Using a wide angle lens lets you enhance the depth of the image and
          increase perspective distortion with the foreground and background

           Next time take the image with a vertical orientation while getting lower to
         the ground. This will increase the visual effect of the converging lines and
         make the image seem to go deeper.

           Add some more contrast in the foreground and the subject. There are
         no dark blacks. The shadows of the trees should be darker to have more   
         visual appeal.

           Good job using a great depth of field.

           I would change it to black and white and give it an infrared filter. The
         clouds and trees will make the image more interesting.

All helpful. But you are now focusing on the 9 days left to go before you find out if you Won the October Photography Contest and Prizes!
            Get FREE UNLIMITED Access to:

Exciting Monthly Contests and Photography Projects   
            with prizes;


            Personalized Reviews / Comments on your Photos by 
            the Editor;

2 New Photography Projects to Compete on Each

Recent Photography Project Themes: “Rich and Poor”;
             “American Dream”; Modern family”; “A Smile”;
             “Neighbourhood  Markets”; “Modern Ruins”…;

Top results submitted to over 150 national
            Photography Galleries under your full copyrights.

Actual Photographs submitted by Members:


 What are Photo Pursuit Members Saying?                   



“I am hooked! I was part of the top 25 finalists in the last contest of the month “Organized Chaos” and, as promised, you automatically submitted my photo to your partner photography galleries. I am actually having discussions now. I never expected this. I am now eagerly waiting for the next Photo Pursuit contest announced in 1 week time. SO MUCH FUN! Members are extremely talented…and very nice people. I love getting feedback from them.”-

- James T.


“(…) I canĀ“t believe it! I am ranked 3rd on the photography pursuit Project “Old Things”. I started photography 12 months ago and have come a long way thanks to you guys. Special thanks go to Stephen, my Photo Pursuit private tutor for all his pieces of advice. And a BIG hug to all members who coached me online and on local events. I love you guys! =)”

– Kiara C.

"You don't take a photograph, you make it." – Ansel Adams (Photography Master)

    To make superior photographs, you 
         must   Educate Yourself.

After all, before rubbing shoulders
      with professional photographers…
      you need to know what questions to ask.

    For that purpose, Photo Pursuit  grants  
        you FREE, Unlimited Accessstoo
        35 Online Photography Courses
. You also
        get access to Online Workshops with 54
        Affiliated Specialist Professors.

   In addition, you can ask questions and
       show your photos to Your very Own  
       Professional Photography Tutor.

  This is what Photo Pursuit does for You…

Really, You have never been fully happy with the way you frame your subjects.

Friday, 5pm.You decide to start with the basics.

You log onto your Photo Pursuit account and select a Video Course on “FRAMING YOUR SUBJECT” within the 35 Online Photography Courses that you have Unlimited Access to.
You Watch (Click on the Picture below to Start the Video):

As you watch experienced photographers in action, you finally understand the magic of photography. The set up. Composition. The artist’s View Point.

Friday, 5:10pm. You feel more comfortable with Framing but still have additional questions.

You remember that you have FREE Unlimited Access to over 54 Affiliated Specialist Professors on Photo Pursuit’s Photography Workshops.

You decide to join the workshop called “Framing Subjects”.

After reviewing additional videos, presentations and Q&As, you ask your question and get clear answers from the specialized photographer of Photo Pursuit:






How Can I Change the Camera’s Focus and Lock Its Focus Point?

When in autofocus mode, your camera’s focus point is by default located on the center part of the frame.

A more convenient option mainly available in DSLR cameras is pressing the shoot button halfway down until you see the focus lamp from the viewfinder signaling where the focus point of the shot is currently located. If unable to automatically focus on your desire element on frame, you can first compose your shot with the main subject on the center part of the frame so it can more easily become the focus of the shot. Press and hold the shoot button halfway down, then reorient the camera to your desire composition, and finally, fully press down the shoot button to take the picture. If this process doesn’t work, you can always remedy the situation with the use of the camera’s option for manual changing and locking of the focus point.

Friday, 7:10pm. All right, time to shoot. Aperture Value mode. White balance set. ISO 100. F/11. Tripod.

You decide to make a photo of your house at sunset:

Not too bad. You got the theory from the Course. The validation on the Workshop.

Now, you need Guidance to ensure that you correctly Mastered the Framing on your Photo.

You decide to take advantage of a Unique feature that Photo Pursuit offers to all members: their Very Own Professional Private Photography Tutor. Each month, Free of charge, 2 of your Photos are analyzed in Depth.

Your tutor has been super helpful over the last 10 months and really got your photography to the next level. You are eager to hear about his opinion on this shot.

4 hours later, you get his Feedback.
     Hi Tim. Thanks for your photo. Here are my comments. Implement 
     these and I look forward to reviewing your next shots:

This photograph was taken at the wrong angle. You need to get closer
            to the building and look up along the wall or get higher and be on the
            same level as the roof.

         The tree in the bottom right hand corner takes away from the subject. The
               tree is too big and takes up too much of the image for it not being the

         The placement and the colour of the tree contrast too much with the
               subject. The green is too vibrant with the rest of the colour cast in the
               image. I would crop the tree out.
            The exposure for the shadows was not bright enough. There isn't
                enough detail in the shadow areas to get a good HDR image. You need to
                add more exposures to open up the shadows more.

             I like the choice of the pink-orange colour cast over the entire image.

             The texture of the subject lends itself to be a good HDR image.

             There is no focal point in the photograph, what is the subject?  
                 Professional Photography Tutor.

              The overall exposure of the HDR image is too dark.
             The use of leading lines with the roof edges is a good way to create eye

             Place the subject using the rule of thirds.

             Take 7 photographs with a separation of 1 stop each to create an HDR
                 image, only changing your shutter speed.
              Never put the horizon line in the center of the photograph. Either show
                 more sky or more building.
            Get FREE UNLIMITED Access to:

Your very own Professional Photography Professor
            who will review 2 photographs of your choice each month and
            provide half a page of detailed analysis, commentaries and
            corrective photos.


35 Online Photography Courses covering all of
Photography Click to Review the Program Structure
            (Mouse over showing content)

54 Affiliated Specialist Professors “ on Photo Pursuit’s
            Photography Workshops.

Members have Free Unlimited access to All Workshops Worldwide & to the Professors managing these Workshops.

  10 Recent Photo Pursuit Workshops:

               1. Advanced Digital Imaging with Adobe Photoshop.
               2. Digital Photography for Beginners.
               3. Intermediate Digital SLR Photography.
               4. Creative Photography composition.
               5. Wedding Photography.
               6. Art of Combining Photography & Painting.
               7. Creativity in Photography.
               8. Photoshop for Beginners.
               9. Landscape Photography.
             10. Black & White Photography.


 What are Photo Pursuit Members Saying?                   



“Because of my work, I travel all over the World. So with the site [Photo Pursuit], I enjoy being able to attend any photography event and workshop worldwide. A huge thank you for making this happen. I get to meet very experienced photographers. (…) Taking photos alongside them is extremely instructive and inspirational.”

- David R.


“Photo Pursuit (…) I have now been a member for over 3 years and am taking a minute to thank you for the dozens of great photography workshops that you have organized and managed. Having video is great. (…) I also enjoy interacting with the professors. It’s GREAT to get constructive criticism on my photos!!”.

- Helena V.

“Our pictures are our footprints. It’s the best way to tell people we were here” – Joe McNally

   Do You Want to Become a
     Successful Photographer?

If so, you Need to Announce Yourself as
      a New Talent. And Leverage Photo



  This is what Photo Pursuit does for You…
You Sit back and Reflect on Your Achievements:
               5419 Fans are Following you on
    Facebook and Twitter;

21 Photography Galleries have You
    on their Watch List;

10293 People Reviewed Your Photo
   Pursuit Portfolio in the last 30 days.

.br /> .
You look back in satisfaction on how much you have achieved since you joined Photo Pursuit 10 weeks ago. You thank again Photo Pursuit for Getting your Photography Known across Tens of Thousands of People and Platforms.

You are also pleased that your last photo submission to the September Photography Project “Capitalism” Ranked 5th.

As such, Your Photo was Automatically Presented to 119 American and 38 International Photography galleries under your Full Copyrights.


In Negotiating your Fees, you used the “Search” feature of Photo Pursuit to Get in Contact with New York based Photo Pursuit Members to Enquire on the Appropriate Fees you should Earn when your Photograph Gets Sold. $1850 was the average figure.

And you know that, as a finalist in the last photography contest, You are well on your way to earning prizes on Photo Pursuit.


As Peter Lindbergh, a master Photographer, said: “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary”.


You know that this mind frame, coupled with your membership in Photo Pursuit, a Leading Community of Top Rated Photographers, will let you become the successful photographer you always knew you could be.
            Get FREE UNLIMITED Access to:

Your Very Own Gallery Web Site to promote your


The Photo Pursuit Network of Photographers for your
            personal and professional needs.

Tools to Develop your Fan Base.

Automatic Presentation of your Photography to over
            149 American & International Photo Galleries, Magazines
            and Media
(reserved to the top 25 finalists of each contest)

            Real time Rankings and Status within the Photo Pursuit
Click To see Ranks of Achievements and Prizes

            access to Prizes.

            Access to the Finalist Conference in Orland
            on your results).

The Best make it to the Finalists Conference in Orlando, Florida.


 What are Photo Pursuit Members Saying?                   



“I am writing today to say THANK YOU! for getting my photography better known. I am now in contact with 3 photography galleries interested to feature my HDR photos as part of limited edition series. It all started when I made the cut for some of the Photo Pursuit monthly photography projects (…). I am also looking forward to the grand finale in Orlando!”

- John C.


I have earned prizes from sales… of my photography across American and European Galleries thanks to you. Asia is next. I am also making a lot of money running paid photography workshops through the Photo Pursuit network. That feels GOOD! ”

- Lisa T.

START your Application to Photo Pursuit below: (Less than 5 minutes required)

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   To Receive your 6 FREE Gifts, you must complete your Application.
   Candidates Selected on the Basis of their Photography

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