About Us

PHOTO PURSUIT is a leading private online photography community. Passionate photographers meet, discuss and get comments on their photographs.

PHOTO PURSUIT’s unique platform offers powerful resources, unique events and world famous photographers to help members enrich their network and mastery of photography.

As part of the PHOTO PURSUIT community, members interact with today’s top American and International photographers and:

  • Participate in unique Community Photography Projects with the possibility to be exhibited in our partner photography galleries across the USA and internationally;
  • Organize and have access to member gatherings happening near them (outdoor photography events, shooting sessions, mini contests, gallery exhibitions);
  • Have Exclusive Access to Weekly Workshops organized by famous Photographers;
  • Receive Personalized Reviews and Suggestions for Improvements on their Photos from leading experts;
  • Discover the secret techniques of today’s top photographers as revealed by them directly in exciting online classes;
  • Join today’s top photographers as part of exciting outdoor professional workshops;
  • Participate in exciting monthly contests to earn the pride of winning.

Membership options include the possibility for members to have their own private professional tutor.

We engage all members around monthly contests and photography projects to challenge them to take photos on specific themes. Top entries earned the pride of winning.

Get started today and your customers will appreciate being able to learn photography while having fun, and socializing with photographers! Customers sign recurring memberships, earning you more profits.

Our success and growth are driven by the following three foundations:
  1. A thriving INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS (organizing local photography events and workshops);
  2. Unique PHOTOGRAPHY TEACHING SYSTEMS (online lessons, private tutor systems);
  3. Exciting COMPETITIONS that keep members active, engaged and challenged.
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